Get ready for seamless online payments, with digital currencies.

Utrust 🔜 xMoney is a seamless integration that gives e-commerce businesses the power to accept digital currencies - and get all the benefits you can’t with just traditional payment methods.

We're as borderless as our payments.

We power businesses in 180+ countries across nearly every industry and we support more than 30 currencies worldwide (+90% of world's GDP). We proudly facilitate faster growth for global companies powered by blockchain.

Trusted partners worldwide

We're partners with countless major businesses and organisations around the globe

Utrust Dashboard

A dashboard built for business efficiency.

Utrust Dashboard

The Utrust merchant’s dashboard has everything you need to see at the click of a button. Your business’ efficiency is our priority: check order details, view transactions, manage refunds and settlements. Easy.

Utrust Dashboard

Api Integration

Have it merged by the time your coffee's done brewing.

Utrust Dashboard

You’ve got things to do. With seamless integration, you won’t have to wait long for a code review. Your online store can start accepting digital currencies seamlessly and most importantly: quickly.

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Utrust Dashboard

Utrust Wallet

Your digital assets: safe and always at hand.

Utrust Dashboard

With the Hold - powered by Utrust - you can store, exchange and sell digital currencies while buy everyday products all from one simple app.

Say goodbye to wait times and welcome to rewards. The Hold app allows you to stake Utrust Tokens and receive rewards for each transactions and payments made within the app.

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Utrust Dashboard

Start using Utrust with confidence. We've considered it all - so you can securely shop with your digital assets, anytime.

Problems with crypto? Zero. Market volatility? Zero. Fraud? Eliminated. Speed? Fast. Fees? Just 1%. Wallet compatible? All.

Business protection
Purchase protection
Compatible with all wallets
Send crypto to other people
Major cryptocurrencies support
Zero market volatility
Support center assistance
Low transaction fees

“We're excited about the possibilities that this partnership with Utrust presents in the evolution of our e-commerce strategy.” Domingos Soares de Oliveira
CEO S.L.Benfica

Crypto payments tailored to power your business.

Reaching a growing base of customers using bitcoin, ethereum and other digital currencies is easy with Utrust. Get an edge on the competition, while saving 90% in fees with our ready-to-be integrated API, plugins for major e-commerce platforms, and the ability for our dev team to tailor it to your business.

Tap into a +$1 Trillion market and make more of your business.

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Accept payments in BTC ETH UTK USDT DGB DASH Bitcoin Ethereum Utrust Token Tether Digibyte Dash and get paid in USD EUR GBP Dollar Euro Pound with just 1% fee.
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Why do merchants love utrust?

Crypto cuts out the middleman and lets merchants keep more of their profit margin.
With utrust you’ll get all the advantages of payments with digital currencies while keeping business as usual.

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Traditional Payments
Old Digital Payments

Bring the power of crypto to your business in minutes

Utrust for Business

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Get full protection on every purchase, always.

Pay with your digital assets safely and easily with Utrust merchants. Every payment is backed with secure protection mechanisms so you can shop with confidence.

Works with any wallet

Keep your wallet. Utrust is integrated with most major wallets and brands on the market. Digital currencies for everyone, anywhere.

Utrust Wallet

Pay with confidence, we got your back.

Protection mechanism that works with the major digital currencies in the world such as:

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Why pay with digital currencies?

Digital money means you are your own private bank. Paying with digital currencies lets you cut out the middlemen and eliminate transaction costs. You save by using crypto - and your money stays safe with you.

Why utrust?

Our ecosystem has everything you need for easy shopping.

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    Use any major currency

    Utrust allows you to make payments with any major digital currencies. Our flexible solution lets you decide which digital assets to pay with so you can take advantage of market conditions.

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    Faster, cheaper, easier payments

    Purchasing with Utrust means cutting the transaction process short. That means low fees and near instant transactions. Making a payment becomes as easy as scanning a QR code.

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    Send and request payments

    Want to send some crypto to friends or family around the world without extra costs? Want to request money for your goods and services? We got you with Utrust invoicing solution

Easy as it should, It’s utrust

Reach new customers with lower fees, get cash in your bank account.
Business as usual.

Find the best online stores to shop with your BTC, ETH, USDT, and many others.
Lead the digital revolution.