Send invoices with 1% fees 

You have the unique opportunity to take part in the Utrust Beta Program and get your first invoices with 1% fees.  Help us build a solution according to your needs.

With Utrust, you can get ahead of your competition by embracing a growing customer base that uses digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, among others. 

With a flat 1% fee, you can send invoices worldwide and get all the benefits of modern blockchain payments with none of the risks.

It’s easy as it should be.

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Trusted by global leaders.

Get an edge on the competition

You can have a unique competitive advantage by shipping a new solution tailored for you.

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Invoice in 2 minutes, get paid in 1

It's blockchain, you can invoice anyone, anywhere in the world and you get the payment in the next minute. 

Welcome to the future.

Straight to your bank account

No need to worry about crypto volatility. You send the invoice to your clients, they pay in crypto, and we send you cash to your bank account.  

Easy as that. 

No border fees or delays

We provide a flat 1% transaction fee and competitive exchange rates. No extra hidden fees. 

Simple and transparent, as it should be. 

Your accountant's best friend

Stop being overwhelmed with accounting problems. With Utrust you don't need to worry about all this and your accountant will be your best friend.

Utrust is the choice of global leaders, such as
S.L. BenficaPhone House or Alternative Airlines

"We're excited about the possibilities that this partnership with Utrust presents in the evolution of our online strategy."

Domingos Soares de Oliveira
CEO S.L.Benfica

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