2023 in a nutshell

To 2023, together

Much was done in 2022, and 2023 is going to be one of the greatest building years of the history of this company

To every member of our team, our community, our family, MultiversX, xMoney, and every branch of our company:

2022 may have been a troublesome year for everyone in the space and for financial markets in general. We don’t see this as a failure, we see it as an opportunity. Long-term planning and long-term visions will be rewarded. The companies that will not only survive this period, but thrive during it, will be the ones that will have the opportunity to redefine our world.

xMoney and MultiversX are among those companies.

2022 and its moments to remember 👏

There were some bright lights in the past year, despite its harder moments. We have chosen three particularly luminous moments, for very different reasons, that we will never forget.

2022 was the year Ethereum finally merged. Climate change is one of the defining issues of our generation, and one of our industry’s most iconic companies made a decisive move to reduce their emissions by a gargantuan amount. MultiversX is already fully carbon negative, so we applaud that effort.

2022 was the year crypto helped Ukraine defend itself against one of the largest military powers in the world. You can read all about it here, but I’ll quote Ukrainian deputy minister for digital transformation Alex Bornyakov: “A wire transfer takes a few days to reach the recipient. In the crypto world, it takes minutes.”

We are proud to say our community came together to deliver the equivalent to 63.8 million USD in over 120.000 crypto donations since the start of the war. Utrust is proud of having been a part of this effort. Our team is from all over the world, and we do have teammates that have been affected by this situation.

2022 was also the year we joined the Elrond family, and together started laying the groundwork for MultiversX, which will enable us to build new apps, new economies, and even new worlds. Bear markets were made for building. Much fewer distractions, much less noise, and product market fit is easier to identify.

This is the context where strong fundamentals are key. This is what will allow us, xMoney and MultiversX, to occupy an even stronger position in the push for mainstream adoption.

2023 and beyond 🚀

This is our vision for the next year. We will build a stable, global, network where every unnecessary limitation is lifted by technology, revealing true financial independence. We will bring this industry back to its core value, the one we have always believed in, and always strove for: The blockchain was invented for payments, and payments is where it all must start.

More than fifteen thousand merchants are actively using our services every day, and over two million people are a part of our extended family at MultiversX. Our team has grown significantly, and we now have more hands to achieve our goals.

More significantly still: we have doubled our transaction volume. In a bear market.

’’We doubled our transaction volume in 2022, really demonstrating that crypto payments are not only here to stay, but to grow further – and, xMoney is leading that adoption moving forward’’

– Utrust CEO, Sanja Kon explains in her most recent message to the community

You can expect two new products by the end of the first half of 2023, as one new feature.

You can expect a podcast, to be debuted in the first quarter, so we can be a stronger, more authoritative voice in the space, and improve communication with you.

You can expect Utrust to finally become xMoney, with a full rebranding.

Last but not least, you can expect xPortal, our announced superapp, with staking, referral programs, social features, a payment card, and much more.

Building is what drove us when we started Utrust, and building is what drives us now. Because fixing payments is the single thing anyone can do to most improve the lives of the largest numbers of people.

In 2023, we will continue to do what we know best: creating opportunities for billions of people to own their financial freedom. We will expand access. We will democratize the concept of money.

Thank you for walking that path with us 🥂

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