3 key Takeaways from Entity’s Live AMA

Utrust, soon to be xMoney, has been recognized as an innovative payment solution and is gaining significant attention as it works towards unlocking true mass adoption, especially after becoming part of the MultiversX ecosystem.

Recently, Martinho Aragão, CPO and xMoney Lead, was featured on Entity Project Dialogues‘ live episode to discuss the potential and benefits of the payment solution and share insights into its inner workings and the future of the industry.

Here are the three key takeaways from this AMA session:

Fee structures and gas costs

Utrust recognizes the importance of adapting to changing circumstances in the crypto industry. Therefore, we are actively developing and implementing fee structures that can dynamically adjust to fluctuating gas costs. This ensures that during periods of increased on-chain activity and interest in crypto payments, Utrust’s fee structures remain effective and provide fair pricing for users.

Our company has occasionally absorbed transaction fees during volatile on-chain periods. However, as the market evolves, the approach will adapt to the market’s dynamics.

Utrust processes payments ranging from $10 to $1,000,000, and during heightened gas fees, the impact on larger transactions is negligible, given the 1% margin that offsets the costs of smaller transactions. We have implemented its new payment experience, introducing a threshold for certain chains to protect buyers from excessive fees on smaller transactions.

The company is also exploring new strategies for managing and generating payment addresses to ensure liquidity and reduce costs.

Refunds amidst price volatility

Utrust classifies refunds into two categories: internal refunds and merchant refunds.

Internal refunds occur when a payment doesn’t proceed as planned, and Utrust hasn’t conducted any conversion. For merchant refunds related to successfully converted transactions that need to be reversed, we only accept settlement currencies in stablecoins or Fiat. 

When a refund occurs, the buyer receives the expected value corresponding to the item’s price, albeit in the currency they initially received. This system ensures that neither Utrust nor the buyer is overly exposed to price volatility during the refund process.

That means that all buyers enjoy buyer’s protection, while merchants can focus on expanding their business. 

Accommodating the shift to CBDCs

Utrust is preparing to adapt the existing services to accommodate the shift in the global financial landscape as more countries explore the development of their own Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

CBDCs provide a main foothold for cryptocurrencies to communicate easily with the Web2 world.

With the upcoming rebranding, we aim to remove any restrictions that may limit future possibilities and prepare to tackle new tools, identify target markets, and more.  

As a bridge between fiat currencies and the crypto world, as well as between different blockchains and various tokens and currencies, xMoney will simplify the complexity for businesses and provide buyers with multiple convenient options while handling the potential interoperability challenges between different CBDCs.


We’re clearly evolving to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing global financial landscape. Our company is continually exploring new strategies to enhance its services and offer businesses and buyers a more cost-effective, efficient, and secure payment solution.

The next milestone is around the corner and we were glad that Martinho was representing us in such an uplifting interview atmosphere, right before the big transformation.

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