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All you need to know about xMoney NOW

A quick FAQ on how we will achieve crypto adoption across both physical & virtual worlds

X Day was a rare spectacle. The MultiversX and xMoney teams presented a blueprint for the future, displayed the solidity of the project, and unveiled the brands that will complete the ultimate goal: mainstream adoption.

It was a vision of stark contrast with what would unfold in the space in the following days, and all the turmoil did was reinforce the power of what happened in Paris. The contrast between the laser-like focus of MultiversX’s vision and what others were up to couldn’t be more clear than in our CEO Sanja Kon’s message to the community. You can read it here.

So what comes next for xMoney? Here is the answer to your most burning questions:

Q: How will the Utrust and Twispay teams collaborate? Will xMoneyFiat and xMoneyCrypto be two different brands?

We are all one team. MultiversX is one company, and we are all working towards a common goal. That being said, what Twispay does with fiat and what we do with crypto is complementary but different, so each division will have the same level of autonomy it always had. The same people and ideas that led the vision for crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto payments for Utrust will remain in charge.

Yes, that means you’re not getting rid of Nuno or Sanja anytime soon.

Twispay are the masters of fiat payments. They are an e-money licensed institution, principal member of Visa and MasterCard with licenses across all Europe and expanding.

Together, we will make xMoney a fully-fledged payments solution with the ability to accept and process all kinds of payments across every platform.

The focus we had shared in the past on ecommerce will remain central to what we do, but together we will broaden it, grow it, strengthen it, and expand it to the multiverse.

Q: How will the xPortal app integrate Utrust’s payment gateway?

We are wallet-agnostic and will always be. You won’t have to use xPortal to use xMoney. All of the great things you loved about Utrust are being retained.

That being said, xPortal is going to blow all other wallets out of the water. It will be the home of your avatar, and the place where you will be able to handle your entire financial life, crypto, fiat, in this world, and any other.

And yes, there will be a card as well.

Q: What will happen to UTK?

Nothing. UTK remains a key part of the xMoney ecosystem, and there are no plans to alter it or its powerful tokenomics.

Everything about the metaverse and our growing ecosystem of merchants is not only compatible with the economic model of UTK, but it’s empowering to it.

You can find Flipe Castro’s (our Head of Special Projects) presentation for X Day right here. This is how the world was introduced to X Money, as Filipe said the key words:

“Our commitment to merchants and businesses remains steady as always, with a new name and brand and part of a wider ecosystem.”

Filipe Castro

Our focus will be not only on traditional markets, but our products will also evolve and focus on digital experience markets, providing the best possible payments experience in the world both for real verse and metaverse. UTK and its powerful tokenomics are a big part of that.
If you’d like to relive x Day with us, we have a recap here as well.

Q: When will the rebranding take effect?

You can expect xMoney’s updated roadmap and rebranding to be in full effect by late January.

Until then, we definitely recommend you follow us on socials (@UTRUST, for now) so you can keep up-to-date with every little detail.

We also have a public roadmap available, directly managed by the product team, so you can keep track of how we build in public.

Find it here.

Q: I’ve read enough, I’m ready to join. Where can I do it?

Easiest question of all!
Just click here and start accepting crypto payments today.

Q: I haven’t read enough, I want more information about Utrust and xMoney.

The absolute best way to keep up to date with everything the company is doing is to follow us on Twitter (@UTRUST) and Telegram (@utrustofficial).

This is where we share all our information first-hand!