Crypto fixes this: part 1

Crypto fixes this: part 1

Why an unstable world proves the point of cryptocurrencies (The Canada trucker protest)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This series will deal with current world events and their consequences. We will be discussing the actions of governments, social movements and individuals that we don’t support, and we will be speaking of decisions that we do not condone. Our argument is always for cryptocurrencies and what we consider to be every individual’s right to keep and use them. We argue for nothing else, including but not limited to whatever politics the people discussed in these articles espouse.

This is a series about failure.

About the failure of governments, banks, financial institutions, and all the centralized institutions that came before Satoshi Nakamoto published his whitepaper.

What were the trucker protests in Canada?

Short answer? What started as a relatively small protest against COVID-19 restrictions (namely vaccine mandates) organized by long-haul truckers rapidly evolved into wider protests due to the appearance of other forces, such as far-right agitators.

Longer answer? Here’s a thorough but quick-to-read article about the protests. It explains the essentials, that go from how the protests started to why they worked (massive trucks are really good at shutting down roads, and people kinda need roads) and how the government slowly but surely became more aggressive in its attempts to stop the protests.

Do you want to learn more about how crypto was used in these pretty unprecedented times in Canada?

Here are the chapters of the full article:

So are the protesters the oppressed victims here?

What is The Emergencies Act?

The Canadian government froze protesters’ bank accounts

We can’t depend on our bank accounts anymore

Why crypto fixes this


The Canadian government ended its Emergency Act powers voluntarily and after a very short while. The measures taken were very effective, and the protests were swiftly dealt with.

For a number of reasons, the protests were also deeply unpopular. The fact that the far-right of the political spectrum tried to make the convoy about themselves surely didn’t help.

It’s still horribly concerning to those of us dedicated to making payments global, and to blazing a new path for everyone’s financial independence, to see a government seize protesters’ assets without any due process whatsoever, even under the guise of emergency.

In an unstable world, crypto is becoming more and more essential.

Find the full article here.

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