Go on holiday in style with Arburton & Utrust

You can now experience a luxury lifestyle by paying for yacht charters, private jets, luxury holidays, and more with cryptocurrencies.

Arburton joins the Utrust network by accepting cryptocurrency

The London-based business, founded by MD Aruna Shah, has a client base that spans the whole the globe and more than 30 years’ experience in the bespoke concierge and luxury sector, specialising in tailored lifestyle services, luxury travel, yacht charters, the hiring of private jets, itinerary management, hospitality, and luxury goods.

The pandemic forces a change in thinking

As many other companies in the travel sector, Arburton has been badly affected by the travel restrictions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. It is estimated that the pandemic will have cost the global tourism industry an approximate $2 trillion USD in 2020. However, the past months in lockdown have enabled Arburton to prepare for a move with the times once travel is expected to return in 2021.

According to Aruna Shah, the move to accept crypto follows a simple philosophy:

“We believe that travel is the ultimate freedom of life, which is why it is fitting that our customers should have a larger choice of payment methods. We’ve been focusing on giving our clients the VIP treatment from day one, so it makes sense to move with the times and accept cryptocurrencies, which will allow us to access an entirely new client base also.”

Utrust is perfect for the luxury sector

The digital currency market is composed mainly of young people who are relatively wealthy and quite tech-savvy. These are just the people who should be entering the luxury market. The number of cryptocurrency users has recently reached the big round number of 100 million people. That’s growth in the area of 189%. Utrust has played a part in this change.

Utrust has processed over 25 million USD in 2020. In the first quarter of 2021, that number has already been surpassed.

The benefits Arburton and its users will experience with Utrust are massive.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or UTK, among several other currencies will now be available for anyone around the world to use while making their purchases with Arburton.

Why is this so great?

Higher profit margins: transaction fees drop by 80% as digital currencies are decentralized and “cut out the middleman”.

Borderless payments: servicing their clientele across the whole world just got easier.

Zero chargebacks: all sales are final and recorded on an immutable ledger with digital currencies.

No expensive conversion fees: Regardless of whether Arburton chooses to get paid in crypto or fiat, there is no fee attached.

But that’s not all Utrust offers:

Protection against fraud is foolproof.

We were built for the Internet. Customers will never have to share their private information online.

There are over 100 million digital currencies users out there, eager for access to more merchants.

Arburton is believed to be one of the first travel companies of its kind to use the Utrust payment system, allowing clients to pay for luxury holidays, private jet hires, luxury yacht charters and more using BTC, ETH, Dash, USDT, and Utrust tokens — UTK.

Arburton has a gift for you!

To celebrate the onboarding of Utrust, Arburton is offering clients a fantastic deal. Receive a 10% discount on all private jet hires purchased through cryptocurrency until the end of June 2021.

We think everyone could use a good holiday following the Covid-19 pandemic, so why not book your next one in style with Arburton?

If you are a merchant and haven’t joined the revolution yet, it’s time.

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