HOLD becoming xPortal MultiversX

Are you ready for the dawn of xPortal?

HOLD transforming to xPortal: Where physical & virtual meet 

Hello there, dearest community 👋

We have some pretty great news to share with every single one of you, merchants, buyers, UTK holders, and, of course, our HOLD fam.

We announced a Superapp, and we are inching closer and closer to its release. Our wonderful HOLD’s strongest capabilities are now becoming an integral part of xPortal, the gateway to the multiverse and your one-stop-shop for finance.

Sanja Kon, our CEO, has always been a powerful voice for the kind of progress xPortal can bring, and she has shared her thoughts with us:

We are delighted with this major strategic Web3 advancement! Community, buyers, merchants and anyone online will now have a single place where to enjoy all that Web3 and the Metaverse can bring.

We are one step closer to a free Internet.

It is in that spirit that we are delighted to retire HOLD and make way for such a powerful piece of software, and we want every single one of you to transition to the future safely and comfortably, so in this article you will find a timeline of what you can expect.

xPortal is launching on the 28th of February.

You can find some more info about it and our plans for the multiverse, just go here.

Be ready to wish HOLD goodbye 👋

We want to make absolutely sure that all of your funds make their way safely to their new home, so if you are still using HOLD, we have waived all withdrawal fees and limits. If you have already cleared your funds, no action is needed! Good for you! All that’s left is to download xPortal once it launches.

If you haven’t, here are the steps (you will find a more thorough guide in your email):

  • If you have any funds whatsoever, crypto or fiat, on your app, you must withdraw them until March the 30th.
  • If you have a HOLD Visa card you are going to receive further communication on what the next steps are.
  • If you have UTK staked, it will be released on February 15th (you keep all rewards).

If you see this after the assigned date, we definitely will still retrieve your funds for you. Contact us at [email protected] for help.

We want you to get the xPortal card first! 💳

xPortal is an incredible app that continues HOLD’s mission and much more. It will have a debit card of its own as well for EU users, and we are here to provide our community with first dibs. We want you to get the card first!

Just go here to get whitelisted for the card, and be one of the first to experience this true bridge between the wonders of the metaverse and Web3 and traditional brick and mortar shopping.

We hope you will enjoy xPortal as much as we are enjoying building it.

This is just the beginning.

If you are having any trouble or need our support, don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected]