Closer to the Top: Improve Your xPortal Leaderboard Ranking 

Collect XR Points & get a better chance to climb up the ranking

xPortal is a true SuperApp, offering, for the first time, a suite of incredible features, designed to seamlessly integrate digital finance, money and crypto, with social features such as end-to-end encrypted messaging and AI avatars. It also provides a portal for Web3 apps and Metaverse experiences.

To be recognized as one of the most active (aka top users) within the App will not only bring you social impact and recognition, but also juicy opportunities as well. All you need to do is strategically climb on the leaderboard. 

The main fuel for boosting your leaderboard position is XP (experience points), representing in-app tokenized assets directly linked with your account performance. Put simply, each mission consists of activities to help you collect more experience (XP points) and to improve your leaderboard position (global rank). From staking, to referral programs and daily XR claiming, let us introduce you to the top interesting activities which will definitely improve your global ranking. 

Here’s how you can enhance your leaderboard position, while enjoying the ecosystem functionalities:

Explore missions

xPortal is not just a wallet, hub, or space for meeting & collaborating; it’s a brand new empowerment tool for all GameFi lovers.

By completing the missions available in the “Play” tab, you earn XP points and improve your position in the leaderboard ranking. There are several challenges with specific prizes waiting for you.

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Enter the #xMoneyFuture Challenge

By simply entering the challenge with your unique and creative #xMoneyFuture submission, you are immediately eligible to receive experience points. 

Everyone who submitted a vision to the xMoney Challenge will be rewarded with 5000 XP

The top winners will, obviously, receive  more points – 50000 XP each, aside from the reward.

Hurry up, the application will close on 21st of May, 23:59 pm GMT. 

Enter the Challenge now: 

Invite Friends and Reap the Benefits

Activate the xPortal promo directly from your account on the xPortal app, and besides earning a stable passive income (Invite & Earn Program), you can unlock even more perks for yourself!

One of the benefits is that you can jump ahead in the xMoney Card waitlist queue by a significant number of places.

If you invite a new user who signs up for xPortal from your referral link/code, you can move ahead of 5000 positions in the queue. Moreover, you’ll get +300 XP for every new invitee that joins xPortal. Max 10 invitees per day. 

That means you can potentially move up the list and get earlier access to the debit card, for example.

Join us on this awesome journey!

April’s ranking – example 👆


About xPortal

xPortal mission is to onboard 1 billion users to a new set of fun and useful services, experiences, and applications, making digital finance, Web3, and the Metaverse accessible and easy to use by anyone, anywhere.

Simple, intuitive and beautiful: While a true SuperApp underneath, xPortal is a vivid example of simplicity, ease of use, and beautiful user experience.

Money, crypto, payments, debit cards: With just a few taps you can easily transfer money, crypto and NFTs, make payments, use a debit card, track investments, and explore the financial, crypto, and NFT ecosystems.

Chat and AI avatars: But it’s not just about the numbers: with xPortal, you can personalize and unlock new experiences by creating cool AI avatars and interacting and messaging with friends, all within a secure and private environment.

An hub for Web3 App and Metaverse experiences: The xPortal Super App is also a gateway to a vast array of apps and Metaverse experiences. With a digital App Store at your fingertips, you can explore the latest and greatest Web3 apps and visit an extensive network of new Metaverse events and worlds, each with its own unique and exciting benefits and experiences.

Onboarding the next billion users begins with xPortal: xPortal’s mission is to onboard 1 billion users to a new set of fun and useful services, experiences, and applications, making digital finance, Web3, and the Metaverse accessible and easy to use to anyone, anywhere.

To learn more about the xPortal features, head here.

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