Tether USDT on Polygon is now LIVE!

Utrust is a team of bridge builders. The ultimate goal of every decision the company makes is to empower users with the tools to make financial decisions freely. In order to achieve this, Utrust is continually seeking to take advantage of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.

Now, we are integrating one of the industry’s premiere multi-chain solutions, to ensure we continue making payments as seamless, fast, and inexpensive as possible.

By adding Polygon support to Utrust’s payment solutions, we are opening the door to a new future of collaborations, integrations, and support for new and exciting solutions.

More payment options, a multi-chain future powered by Utrust

Utrust now supports the Polygon blockchain, with all that entails. Aside from being its own chain, Polygon provides the Web3 infrastructure for a multi-chain future.

USDT payments will now fully benefit from the Ethereum network’s effects without some of the less desirable effects that have been hindering it lately.

To be specific: Polygon is up to 200 times faster than Ethereum. It’s carbon negative. It has the largest dApps ecosystem in the world.

But there’s one aspect in which they go above and beyond: Gas fees.

Low fees

The title says it all, really. We all remember the fees. We were all there. With USDT payments on Polygon, you will see a reduction of up to 99% in gas fees. This starts immediately.

This is just the start

We aren’t just bringing this integration to our widget. We are fully exploring the possibilities of adding this new chain and all it can bring to our entire payments experience.

This will entirely change the way we can work with coins and tokens that are present on more than one chain. We are working on making things faster, cheaper, and even simpler for everyone.

Integrations like Polygon, as well as others coming soon (⚡👀), will allow us to make paying with crypto much more accessible for mainstream adoption.

So keep your eyes peeled, because this is just the first step in something bigger.