Utrust is traveling with Travala.

You can now book your accommodation anywhere in the world using digital currencies.

Adoption, adoption, adoption. This is the key word that serves as a guiding light to most of our decisions. We want to create use cases that are real, and that you, our customer and a member of our community, are going to want to use.

This is why what makes moments like this one so exciting: Utrust is partnering with Travala. Travala has only been on the market for three years, but they have grown from a small startup to one of the market’s leading booking platforms at extraordinary speed. They have 2,000,000+ properties on their service. They cover exactly 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories. Better, they have prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms. By adding Travala to an ecosystem that already included Alternative Airlines, we are very happy to say that you can now plan your whole vacation from home, and pay with your preferred digital currencies.

If this seems wonderful, know this: Travala is not only blockchain friendly, they are blockchain-based.

The online travel business is forecast to exceed $1 trillion in value by 2022, and by adding Travala.com to an ecosystem that already includes Alternative Airlines, Utrust is now able to provide its users with everything that is needed to book travel. The Utrust payment platform has celebrated partnerships in the recent past with Magento and WordPress that provided access to the platform to a combination of over 4.000.000 webstores. Now, thanks to Travala.com and this gateway integration, Utrust users have gained access to a vast new market, with 2.000.000+ properties to choose from.

Travala offers their own token, AVA, which can be used for payments, receiving and redeeming loyalty rewards, refunds, and in all the same ways you use other currencies. Utrust will be adding AVA to our platform, so you’ll be able to use it to pay in the entirety of our ecosystem. All of our merchants, including all those using Magento, Woocomerce, Prestashop or Payrexx will now be accepting AVA as well.

Travala CEO Juan Otero had some choice words about the occasion:

Getting AVA out into the world, and helping people get access to the tremendous advantages of blockchain technology is a big part of what we’re about. With Utrust, we are not only entering a fantastic ecosystem for Travala.com, we are also opening the world up to AVA that will soon be available on leading platforms such as Magento and WordPress reaching millions of new users worldwide.”

Is this good enough?


There’s more.

Travala connects you with Booking.com, Expedia and Priceline, so if you weren’t really feeling up to changing your usual booking platform, there’s no need to worry!

Here’s what our CEO, Sanja Kon, had to say about this deal:

“Travel is everything to people. It’s both the most important hobby in many of our lives and a key aspect of doing business. People both love it and need it. There’s no questioning that we would want to bring the power and transparency of digital currencies to this market. This is how we change the world.”

We don’t want to simply replace traditional forms of payment. We want to do better. We will never stop fighting for adoption, and we will never stop trying to help businesses succeed. Join Utrust now, and make sure the future includes you.

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