Why and How to Buy a House with Cryptocurrency

Web3 is about ownership.

One of the incredible things about the blockchain technology that lies at its heart is that it allows you to own digital objects like they were physical. That includes money.

You can use it in ways that aren’t traditionally associated with money, like as a store of value, or for one of the myryad utilities that tokens can have (have you read this thread where some of the future utilities of our token UTK are mentioned?), but at the end of the day, the simple truth remains:

Crypto is money.

It is a better form of money. Safer. Faster. More convenient. It lends itself better to any purchase, really, but one of the verticals where it’s been making a massive splash is real estate.

So why is that?

Buying with crypto is objectively better

So crypto users love real estate, but why would they not simply use fiat to invest? That’s how it’s always been done, right?

Well, because crypto payments are faster, safer, and cheaper, that’s why:

  • No hidden fees. No shenanigans. We will not charge you border fees, exchange rates, or literally any other fees. Ever.
  • Use any wallet. We work with all of them. It’s up to you.
  • Pick whatever currency is best for you. Bitcoin? Ethereum? USDT? USDC? Dash? EGLD? UTK? Should we go on?
  • Truly global. Wherever you are, wherever the merchant is, borders don’t matter, all you need to worry about is finding your dream house.  
  • Internet-grade security. Never share your personal information online again.

If you want to learn all about buying and selling property with crypto, here are the titles of the sections in our full article, that you can find below:

Real estate is the ultimate property

Buying with crypto is extremely easy

The realtors are just waiting for you

Adoption is an unstoppable force

Merchants are signing up by the dozen every single day to accept crypto as payment.

In fact, if you own a real estate business and would like to get the jump on the competition, just click here.

If, however, you are on the market for the house of your dreams…

There is no doubt you should be buying it with crypto, and the full article with all details is here.

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