CommUNITY Vision: Introducing the Winners of the #xMoneyFuture Challenge

The xMoney Future Challenge was an incredible journey showcasing our community’s immense talent and creativity. We were overwhelmed by the number of submissions and the exceptional ideas that were presented.

Everyone was welcome to the xMoney contest. The requirements were simply to create content and share it on Twitter using the #xMoney and #xMoneyFuture hashtags. And then, provide us with the link to the tweet by filling out a form.

The response was so remarkable, and the jury had a tough mission in hand.

Today, we are thrilled to present the winners’ submissions that truly captured the essence of our vision and demonstrated remarkable alignment with the future we are building.

And due to the high level of quality of the entries, we couldn’t resist going above and beyond our initial budget to reward the extraordinary efforts of the participants.

Reminding that the format of the submission was a Tweet/thread but the content inside it was absolutely up to each person’s choice. We had vídeos, full articles, long threads, pictures, memes, and much more, which made everything more dynamic and out-of-the-box.

Now, let’s meet the winners.

🏆 Top Winners 🏆

🥇 1st place: 70K $UTK – @xFoudres

Congratulations to @xFoudres for securing the first-place position in the xMoney Future Challenge! This submission stood out with its groundbreaking approach and innovative ideas. It resonated deeply with our core values and long-term goals.

By sharing a Medium article, he analyzed the past to understand the future and provided a very logical and fact-backed-up vision, with brilliant insights:

“xMoney, in its ability to unleash all the best aspects of our dying and faltering economies, is as important in what it will bring as what it will take away.”

Discover the winning entry here 👇

🥈 2nd place: 50K $UTK – @x_eightynine

We extend our congratulations to @x_eightynine for their outstanding performance in the challenge, earning them the well-deserved second-place position. The submission showcased a smart perspective and a solid understanding of the future of finance.

Going through this compelling presentation, it was easy to feel xMoney’s spirit there and recognize our own vision and goals.

Not to mention the impeccable visuals presented.

Explore this amazing entry here 👇


🥉 3rd place + creative: 35K + 10K $UTK – @AssettaKevin

A round of applause for @AssettaKevin, who secured the third-place position along with a special recognition for the creative approach. Here’s a submission that demonstrated a perfect blend of innovation, creativity, and alignment with our vision.

A magnetic and wonderfully produced video with an accurate representation of the future we want (and need) to have. Dive into their remarkable entry here 👇

🏅 Special Winners 🏅

🎨 Most creative submission: 10K $UTK – @heiler_philipp

We applaud the creativity and originality displayed by @heiler_philipp in this submission. His unique approach caught our attention, and we are delighted to award him the title of the most creative submission in the #xMoneyFuture Challenge.

We’re talking about an original idea for a “Champion Program” with the goal of achieving mainstream adoption in a clever, logical, and faster way.

Explore this captivating entry here 👇

🔁 3 Engagement prizes: 10K $UTK each – @razisvan, @margaritapaws1, @the_economystic 🎖

Impossible to forget the support and engagement of our community members who shared and retweeted the winning posts. As a token of our appreciation, we have selected three lucky people through a raffle. 

Congratulations to @razisvan, @margaritapaws1, and @the_economystic for winning 10K $UTK each.

But that was not all!

🏆 Two Extra Winners 🏆

It’s no secret that the jury was highly impressed with the quality of xMoney Future submissions, and selecting the winners was a challenging task.

In addition to the previous choices, a couple of ideas stood out, and we couldn’t overlook their significance, so we decided to go beyond our previous total prize pool of 195,000 UTK and give two more special recognition rewards.

🏅 xMoney Vision Fit: 20K $UTK – @DBCrypt0

@DBCrypt0‘s submission perfectly aligned with our vision and showcased a deep understanding of the xMoney ecosystem. Their contribution deserves recognition, and we are excited to award them 20K $UTK.

This a long thread with 31 parts with valuable facts and clear evolutional steps, including education and the full potential of the ecosystem for limitless use.

Discover their remarkable entry here 👇

🏅 Constructive Effort: 20K $UTK – @Davyegld

@Davyegld‘s submission impressed us with its insightful analysis and constructive suggestions for the xMoney ecosystem. We acknowledge their valuable effort and dedication, and we proudly grant them 20K $UTK.

More than a thread, this ended up being a 4-thread submission with an important and detailed journey through marketing, new markets, product, partners, security, and much more. It’s 100% worth reading.

Explore the thought-provoking entry here 👇

All the participants have brought a unique perspective and contributed to the richness of ideas within our community. Their efforts deserve our admiration and appreciation.

That’s why everyone who submitted a vision to the xMoney Challenge has been automatically rewarded with 5000 XP to improve xPortal’s leaderboard ranking.

Participants, and especially the winners, have proven themselves as true builders and visionaries, and these contributions will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the future of finance. We are excited to see such ideas come to life and the impact they will have on the xMoney and MultiversX ecosystem.

At xMoney, we believe in fostering an inclusive and collaborative community that thrives on innovation. The xMoney Future Challenge showcased the immense potential within our community and reaffirmed our commitment to providing a platform that empowers individuals to unleash their creativity.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who dedicated their time and creativity to the challenge. Your contributions have surpassed our expectations, and all your support and enthusiasm are truly inspiring.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our vision of revolutionizing the financial landscape. We will continue to support and nurture the ideas and talent within our community, empowering them – you! – to shape the future of finance and unlock new opportunities for all.

Because commUNITY is everything.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together. The only way to build a brighter and more inclusive financial future.