The wait is over: Welcome, xPortal

The first all-in-one web3, finance & metaverse superApp is LIVE 🚀

February was short, but packed with updates. We had been waiting for the release of our new superApp, xPortal, and we’re glad to say it’s here.

Yesterday was the day of the rollout, and everyone in the community (ourselves included!) got to play with the finished and fully operational version, and we’re delighted with it.

If you are interested in learning about all other updates from the company, by the way, myself and my colleague João Zamith did a livestream where we went over them, and you can find it here.

xPortal is much more than Maiar or HOLD

xPortal replaces two previous apps, which existed when Utrust and Elrond were two separate companies. By bringing together the best of what both teams can do, we managed to far exceed the capabilities of both.

There’s plenty about xPortal that is entirely new, and plenty of it is related to the Multiverse, and the company’s vision for the future. There’s a whole suite of incredible features, which enable you to send & receive money, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, to make payments, use a debit card, keep track of investments, and enjoy the learning & earning hub!

You can find the most significant news of the space right there in the app as well.

xPortal is the world’s first true superApp, as it enables you to socialize and earn while doing finance, playing games, and much more as the platform evolves! It was built to grow, and to serve as a portal to everything the metaverse has to offer. What you see now is just the beginning.

But even this beginning is awesome.

The platform’s newest additions that you can explore right now are:

AI avatars 🙌

You can now create a cool imaginative avatar with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Think of MidJourney, but free, safe and private. All you have to do is to take a few selfies, and let the AI do its magic. It will create some amazing avatars for you.

Note: Currently AI avatars are in beta stage, and connected with the referral system; you will need to invite 3 friends to open xPortal accounts in order to enjoy the magic.

Chat with friends 🙌

And, of course, it goes way beyond just chatting. You can now send and receive crypto and NFTs to your friends, in messages, straight from xPortal.

Play quests & earn rewards 🙌

Get ready for cool quests, unlock achievements, and get on top of the leaderboard for some exciting prizes! There’s plenty to do every day – and the in-app notification system will keep you running. 

xPortal Hub 🙌

To explore the best and most interesting apps, experiences, and metaverse worlds; all the latest news and updates. 

Metaverse powered debit card 🙌

As you know, Utrust’s HOLD Debit Card is becoming the xPortal Card, and the waitlist is open! Navigate to the ‘’Card’’ tab in the xPortal app, and get yourself waitlisted to be among the first card owners. The Card is powered by our friends at Twispay and will be managed by xMoney as the rebranding takes place.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO  at MultiversX says:
“The xPortal Super App is an instrumental step on our mission to build the backbone for a new digital financial system that spans across the physical and the metaverse world. Our ambition is that everyone, no matter where they are or what their background is, should have easy access to secure and efficient financial services that can help them achieve their goals and live their best lives.''

Previewed for the first time in November 2022 at the first xDay in Paris, xPortal’s mission is to onboard the first billion users to a new set of fun and useful services, experiences, and applications, making digital finance, Web3, and the Metaverse accessible and easy to use for anyone, anywhere.

Sergiu Biris, Head of Product of MultiversX Labs, and the one on stage to present the Superapp in Paris, says: ”xPortal’s ability to make Web3 and the Metaverse accessible to any smartphone user in the world, shifts the entire conversation around all-accessible digital experiences from a distant vision of the future, into a reality today.”

This is the beginning of something new. We will all remember this day.




We hope you enjoy the new superApp as much as we do!

If you haven’t installed it yet, don’t waste another second. Find it on the App Store if you’re on iOS and the Play Store if you have Android.

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