xTeam Quiz: Part 1

Two of Utrust’s remarkable team members open a window into how the team works while we are building the crypto payments solution for all universes.

As Utrust turns into xMoney, some things remain true. One of the most important elements in building the future is the people that surround us. Without the right team, with the right drive and the right ideas, there is no way our house could stand.

For a long time now, we have known that we had the right people. This is what allowed us to be so bold when making decisions, and ensured that we were successful when facing the odds in such a competitive and fast-paced market. We couldn’t stop, though, because as Utrust grew so did the number of people joining our ranks.

Today, we are celebrating both the warriors that have been with us for a long time and the new faces that keep our team fresh and energetic.

Meet Sofia Robalo, marketeer extraordinaire, and João Costa, recruiter to the stars.

João Costa joined to make sure we found who we need

João is one of Utrust’s recent hires. He’s been with us only for a few months, and yet he feels like he’s been a part of the family for a very long time. In a way, he has. Before joining Utrust as a Recruiter, he was already part of our community for years, posting regularly on our Telegram group (and even helping the marketing team fix some types along the way!).

Now, he’s on the inside, and here’s what that’s like in his own words:

💬 What made you want to join this team?
I’ve known about Utrust since 2019, and I’ve always followed the project. I was part of the community! From the very beginning I was blown away by the team spirit and culture. I had been keeping up daily with all things Utrust for years until I decided it was time to give it a go. I decided to quit my job and try to land a position that meant the world to me.

💬 A memory from the last couple of weeks.
I do not have a specific moment to highlight. It’s been a continuum, and while it may seem like a cliché to say it, I’m grateful for the entire thing. All memories resonate gratitude. Everyone is supportive, friendly and always in a good mood. I feel more appreciated than… ever, if I’m honest.

💬 How does it feel to join a rapidly growing team?
It feels 90% amazing, 10% crazy. The market is fast, everything changes all of a sudden, and we must always be ready to react. That’s what makes it hard, but also what makes it fun and motivating.

💬 Are you excited about your role in the team?
Hell yeah. If you can´t tell already, I am really passionate about all things Utrust, so being able to contribute to the success of the company by bringing fantastic and super-talented people to the team feels amazing.

💬 Tell us about a colleague that has impressed in the first few days
It seems unfair to mention just one colleague because I am very impressed with everyone working here. If you’re part of the community, you can kind of tell that people at Utrust are good at their jobs, but once you’re on the inside you can see that this isn’t a normal company. Everyone is outstanding.

There are many different ways to be outstanding, but I mean it: everyone.

I won’t dodge the question, though: The person that impressed me the most is Bárbara, our dear People Manager. She always takes care of everyone as if we were a family member. The best thing is that it is 100% genuine. It is not just a “job requirement”, she really goes the extra mile to take care of everyone. In the end, we really are a family.

Sofia Robalo was marketing before we even had the department

Sofia has been with Utrust for longer than we’ve had a marketing department. When she was hired, Utrust was still a startup, and our marketing needs were fulfilled by an outside company. She would be the very first piece of that puzzle, and she has been bringing her incredible energy and can-do attitude ever since. She knows Utrust better than most, and our merchant pool better than anyone.

Here’s what that means to her:

💬 What’s kept you with the company for so long?
First of all, I really like what I do! You know that feeling where you just want your working day to end? So you can log off? I can only think about maybe three days throughout these years where I felt that. Only three. Can you believe it? Besides, the usefulness and potential of blockchain technology fascinates me. I’m fortunate enough to be a real advocate for Utrust’s mission and vision (very soon xMoney). I’m not marketing something I don’t believe in. I’m selling something that is genuinely exciting to me, and you can’t put a price on that.

Last but not least are the people.

I have never worked in a company with such positive energy and motivation to accomplish whatever we decide we want to accomplish. 

💬 Why do you believe in Utrust?
Because I believe our people can take this product wherever we want. When I hear the slogans about one billion people, about changing the world and the way people pay, about giving people financial freedom and independence, I know how hard everyone here is working to actually deliver those things.

How many of us can say we’re working on something this big? Pushing for change this monumental?

💬 How do you think Utrust changed as it grew? 
Better processes and workflows, mainly. We already had the drive, the mission, the vision, and even the talent and the tech. We just needed the resources to grow faster, and a lot of the things we were missing came naturally as more people joined the team.

When I started, it was just me. I was the first hire for Utrust’s marketing department. That’s a little daunting! Now we have the team to make things happen, and we are by no means done growing.

💬 What keeps you motivated to continue growing?
I don’t need motivation to continue growing.

That comes naturally because I always want to learn more, deliver better and explore new things. If for a period of time I conclude that I’m not growing, I will for sure do something about it. No motivation needed.

💬 Tell us about a colleague we should interview next.
Our dear Chief Revenue Officer, Rodrigo, it’s one of the main pillars at Utrust. He is a hard worker and the personification of a crypto enthusiast. He really pushes everyone to accomplish more, and he has a surprisingly positive energy that would make you climb a mountain even if you were sick with a fever. 

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In the following months, we will be bringing you plenty more insights about the team that’s building the future of Web3 payments.