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Digital currencies are quickly becoming mainstream. Start getting the benefits when you start accepting digital currencies with utrust

  • +184 countries with
    crypto users
  • +90% of global
  • +300 million cryptocurrency
why utrust you may ask? 
  •   Fees Fraud Speed
  • Utrust logo 1% Eliminated Fast
  • Old Digital Payment Solutions 2—3% Low Regular
  • Traditional Payment Methods 3—11% High Slow

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More profit in your pocket (save up to 90% in fees). No chargebacks. Access to a multi trillion dollars market. Get all the advantages in just minutes from now.

Accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and major digital currencies

All purchases are immediately converted to cash, which means you get the payment directly in your local currency (e.g.) GBP, EUR or GBP, EUR or in stable coins (eg. USDT and USDC).

why accept crypto? 

Immediately convert to cash

  • Great Britain Flag GBP £
  • Europe Flag
  • USA Flag USD $

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The utrust ecosystem was built for easy onboarding.
Our payment widget and B2B solutions allow you to accept crypto payments right away.

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Our platform works with all crypto wallets available on the market to give your customers unrestricted access to your business.

Prestashop Logo
Prestashop Logo

It's our business to protect yours.

Transactions are immutable and only you can decide on the refund. No more chargebacks, ever.

Our optional merchant dashboard is designed to make your payments easy to manage. Check the status of all your transactions and settlements in one simple place.

Merchant-friendly interface

Utrust offers a flat 1% transaction fee - so you increase your profits from each sale.

Low transaction fees

You shouldn’t be losing money on cross-border payments. With our invoicing solution you can request and accept crypto payments from anywhere in the world, instantly getting paid in cash in your bank account.

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It makes no sense to wait weeks, or face complex escrow systems, to receive a simple payment.
Use the power and security of the blockchain to grow faster.

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Major commerce players use Utrust

Our digital payment platform is currently available to millions of merchants. Your business can be next!

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your purchases.

We offer buyer protection to give you peace of mind and ensure your purchase satisfaction.

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Pay with confidence, we got your back.

Buyer protection works with the major digital currencies in the world such as:

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