Enjoy the benefits of paying with cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are safer, cheaper and faster than other online payment methods. With UTRUST, you can use your favourite coins and tokens to make purchases with every supported online merchant.

The UTRUST beta Wallet is coming.

Why use cryptocurrencies?

Purchases with cryptocurrencies can be significantly cheaper, faster and easier than existing solutions. Using only your smartphone, purchases can be made worldwide without involving expensive and complicated third parties.

Illustration of Merchants accepting crypto

Why pay with the UTRUST token?

Using the UTRUST checkout with our native UTRUST Token (UTK) allows you to pay less with every purchase.

Additionally, our innovative deflationary token model decreases the total supply of our tokens over time, leaving you with more purchasing power.

Pay with any major cryptocurrency

In addition to the native token, the UTRUST platform allows buyers to choose from many popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Digibyte. Our goal is to offer new options every month.

What is your favourite merchant?

Tell us your favourite store and and we will prioritize our future partnerships.

Secure checkout

We protect your money

Your money is only released to the merchant once you have received what you paid for. Should the merchant not deliver or if your expectations are not met, you can request a refund.

Easy dispute resolution

Should any issues arise after you have made your payment, UTRUST offers a seamless experience to open a dispute with the merchant. In case of an unsuccessful refund request, the UTRUST mediators get involved to help out.