Your money, your choice: 

Now you can also settle in Crypto

Simpler than fiat

Security built for the Internet

Our business is to protect yours. Our fraud protection system is built atop modern foundations, eliminating chargebacks

No chargebacks

Thanks to the nature of crypto, you won't get any chargebacks

No volatility

Currency volatility should never be a concern in payments. We lock the sale amount at purchase so that you get exactly the retail price.

Straight to your bank

Direct conversion and settlements to your bank account. No risks or costs of holding and accounting

1% fee always

We provide a flat 1% transaction fee and competitive exchange rates. The less you pay in fees, the more profit you make

A wealthy global audience

Crypto users need to spend their profits. They're young, wealthy and come from all over the world, meaning you'll tap into new markets

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Sell everywhere, get paid anywhere

We welcome all major ecommerce platforms

Specially designed plugins make integration seamless and almost instantaneous. Our team will create a custom solution if you need one.

Available for:

How it works

You install Utrust

The process is seamless and easy. You’ll be done in minutes

Customers select Utrust to pay

The shopping process is exactly the same as with any other payment method

You get paid in your usual bank account

We handle all crypto accounting, you get paid in EUR, USD or GBP, as usual!

We calculate the price

We calculate the price in the cryptocurrency the customer wishes to pay

Customers will validate payment with their wallet

We support all crypto wallets, they can have their pick

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Can I do split payouts, and select which currency I want on a case-by-case basis?

We’re afraid not. You can change your preferred settlement currency in the future, of course, but no split payouts are available.

Is this available for the invoicing feature as well?

Certainly! Crypto settlements are available for all Utrust’s products.

What if I'm already a customer and want to change to settle in crypto?

If you are already our customer and you wish to change for crypto settlements, please contact us at [email protected]

The most common questions we get

What people are saying


When it comes to Crypto payment processing and settlements — Utrust has always been one of the most reliable payment processing options available on platform.

Their staff has been extraordinarily professional and quick to resolve any issues that come our way. Their simplicity in the design and flow of their product makes crypto payments accessible to the mainstream which I hope they champion as our world grows increasingly interested and curious about Cryptocurrency and the future of financial technology. team are very satisfied and wish to continue our great collaboration for long time.
Meirav Shacked

Stay clear of your competitors. Embrace a unique competitive advantage. Accept crypto payments.

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The time is now

Are you still not sure?
Schedule a call for more information or visit our support page.

If you are ready to take the next step in adoption and start receiving your settlements in crypto, Utrust is happy to oblige:

Nothing! It’s business as usual. All you have to do is pick your reference currency (i.e. EUR, GBP, USD or RON), and we will make sure all documentation comes complete with the relevant information in fiat as well.

What happens in terms of bookkeeping?

Internet- proof security → if you don’t need a bank, you don’t need to share your banking details.

It saves you money → We charge a 1% flat fee. Period. No extra fees and no hidden fees, ever.

It’s way faster → it can take days for settlements to reach your account due to outdated technology from other intermediaries. We do it in hours (or minutes).

You can choose between:
Fiat (eg. EUR), USDT, USDC and more to come very soon!

Select the cryptocurrency of your choice when signing up

Then you enable payouts, with the click of a button

And you add the address of your crypto wallet

Lastly, proceed to the verification of your business

If crypto accounting is still a little scary, worry not. It couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how you do it with us

Take a look at the video below to see these steps in action

And it's done! If it sounds simple, it's because it is.

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