Sanja Kon
Chief Executive Officer

Utrust is the leading cryptocurrency payment solution designed to modernize the finance and payments industry and solve the problems of traditional payment methods by offering instant transactions and immediate crypto-to-cash settlements for the merchant.

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If you follow us for a while (and a lot of you do, we appreciate you!) then you will know we are not fond of overly hyping our announcements. We are focused on delivering, not fanfare. We are in it to create real and lasting change, and sometimes that means a little restraint.

Not today.

The day has come: Utrust & Elrond have united to take over the Web3 payments landscape

We have come so very far

We have achieved some truly great things in a very short time with Utrust. We are proud to say we have created the crypto payment gateway with the finest UX/UI in the world. It works with any wallet. It supports all major e-commerce integrations. Utrust users know we have our own wallet. It comes with an exchange, a VISA card, and banking connectivity that complies with evolving regulations.

It hasn’t always been easy, but in under four years we have onboarded tens of thousands of businesses and customers. We have grown over 1700% just in the last year. Our team has grown from just a few people to a little under 50 amazing professionals, with solid backgrounds and incredible advisors. We have always remained transparent. Our integrity is unimpeachable.

And, of course, our community has grown alongside us. Seeing you all gathering around our project is perhaps the most rewarding part of this job.

It’s amazing to look back at all we have achieved so quickly. And yet, we have never settled. Because we always knew that the best was yet to come.

So when we say this is an epic day for adoption and the crypto space, we mean it.

The Elrond and Utrust teams are uniting. This is not just a partnership, this is a real union. Our teams and products are all coming together, and we will work as one to push crypto payments. This is our original mission. Our original vision. We want to serve everyone. No exceptions. Utrust was created to circumvent the gatekeepers of traditional institutions and allow everyone to manage their own financial life. From the massive corporations to the individuals all around the world who are underserved by outdated technologies and processes.

With Elrond, we will enhance our tech capabilities, deliver faster and better. We will be stronger (yes, even stronger!) and have resources that quite simply weren’t within our reach before. The Elrond team is extremely powerful, and they have the exact same mindset we have: all about delivering.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whether you are big or small, an engineer or someone that doesn’t understand the blockchain at all, Elrond and Utrust will make digital money and decentralized finance work for you.

Together, we are coming for the payments space.

The future is waiting for us

In the next twelve months, we will take over European crypto payments. Elrond has acquired Twispay, an e-money (meaning VISA, Mastercard, etc.) solution that is licensed to operate across multiple countries, which will allow us to expand our financial product offerings alongside the licenses we already have and the ones we are currently applying to.

This means growing further into new markets as well, from America to Asia. We are focused on the big picture and strategy, and we have our eyes on the prize: one billion users.

How do we do this? Stronger token utilities and economics. This is starting immediately and we will be deploying in the coming months. Merchant yield, staking and cashback are all set in stone and happening soon. But that’s just the beginning. We want each transaction on the network to have a direct impact on the token supply. That’s the end goal, regardless of the currency anyone uses.

Expect greatness

Both teams will start working together immediately, and we will present a public comprehensive roadmap shortly. We will be fully committed to execution, so this will be live and updated at all times. We have already launched a product blog as well, so you will read regular updates directly from the team. We really want our community to be fully immersed in the tech that we are building.

It’s going to change the world, and we want you to see it.

If you are already with us and are scared this will be an upheaval, worry not. We are going to do a lot more and a lot better, but we aren’t changing any of the great services we already provide. We’ve got your back, as always.

Roadmap incoming

Here’s to the future, everyone.

We are getting there faster than anyone could imagine.