Accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

No volatility, no risk → Customers pay in crypto, you get paid in USD/EUR/GBP

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Foolproof security → No chargebacks. No personal info shared. No fraud.

Fast → Takes 5 minutes to install. If you need help, we’re here.

90% lower transaction fees → 1% flat fee. No exceptions.

+300M potential customers → Be truly global.

Our digital payment platform is currently available to millions of merchants. Your business can be next!

Trusted by global leaders

Security built for the Internet

Our business is to protect yours. Our fraud protection system is built atop modern foundations, eliminating chargebacks

No chargebacks

Thanks to the nature of crypto, you won't get any chargebacks

No volatility

Currency volatility should never be a concern in payments. We lock the sale amount at purchase so that you get exactly the retail price.

Straight to your bank

Direct conversion and settlements to your bank account. No risks or costs of holding and accounting

1% fee always

We provide a flat 1% transaction fee and competitive exchange rates. The less you pay in fees, the more profit you make

A wealthy global audience

Crypto users need to spend their profits. They're young, wealthy and come from all over the world, meaning you'll tap into new markets

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Sell everywhere, get paid anywhere

We welcome all major ecommerce platforms

Specially designed plugins make integration seamless and almost instantaneous. Our team will create a custom solution if you need one.

Available for:

How it works

You install Utrust

The process is seamless and easy. You’ll be done in minutes

Customers select Utrust to pay

The shopping process is exactly the same as with any other payment method

You get paid in your usual bank account

We handle all crypto accounting, you get paid in EUR, USD or GBP, as usual!

We calculate the price

We calculate the price in the cryptocurrency the customer wishes to pay

Customers will validate payment with their wallet

We support all crypto wallets, they can have their pick

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Is this safe?

Yes. Our payment gateway lets you accept Bitcoin, Ethereum
and other cryptocurrencies with full security. You will receive 
your payments directly in your bank account, in USD, EUR, or GBP.

How can I handle accounting and reporting?

We take care of that for you. We invoice you for the right amount, so that you can accept crypto payments without all the bureaucratic and legal hassles. It's just like any other payment gateway.

Why is the fee so low?

By relying on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we can lower transaction costs significantly. No banks, credit institutions, or any other middlemen.

The most common questions we get

What people are saying


When I came across Utrust, I knew immediately it was the solution for us: it has all the features we need while providing an opportunity to tap into a new highly affluent market of tech-savvy and watch-loving investors! Utrust invoicing in particular has been incredible, it still surprises us just how quick and easy it is to use.

Utrust has allowed us the opportunity to grow our revenue. And, the organic referral sales we are getting from the crypto community are absolutely fantastic.
Shaun Preece
Creative Director, Watches of Wales
When you’re working with such innovative technology, it’s important to have partners that are not only technically strong but also share your vision of the future. When you can have that and, at the same time, get increases in buyers and transactions, you can’t ask for anything more.
That’s what Utrust is to us.
Mani Honigstein
Co-founder, Upland
Utrust’s invoicing solution is incredibly simple, both for the receiver and the payment sides. Even when we needed to contact them, the Utrust team has always been available, quick to answer, and efficient.

It’s a very smooth experience overall, but the advantages really come into focus when you compare it to traditional methods like PayPal.
To put it plainly: It’s just better and cheaper, two things that don’t usually go together.
Bruce Lanhove
CEO, Nikola Brussels

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