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Digital currencies are the money of the future. At Utrust, we are on a mission to guarantee mainstream adoption. This means not only creating a product that is safe, easy to use and truly advantageous, but also engaging in education.

Everyone needs to understand why this technology is so beneficial, so every single business and person can feel comfortable and safe using it and gaining from it.

By using our solutions you can accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for rent, sale of properties
and even any of your services. There are +50M users of these currencies out there. They are an untapped subset of clients, investors and a whole new class of crypto HNWI.

Geographies such as China, Turkey, South Africa or Argentina have foreign exchange control systems that create friction and heavy costs for any kind of payment or transaction. There are many opportunities for Real Estate here. Think of kids studying abroad. People that want to diversify investments in European markets. Digital nomads looking for their next homes.

And that’s where Utrust comes in

Utrust was founded in November 2017 and we provide a platform that allows businesses to bridge this gap. We make sure everyone can accept payments with these new borderless and revolutionary currencies while ensuring you still get paid in the fiat currencies of your choice, USD, EUR, GBP or other.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have secured exclusivity deals with top tier European brands such as Phone House, Benfica and Travala to test our solutions and have now +100 merchants.

In Real Estate, we are working with Arms and Mcgregor and Antalya Homes to increase the reach of their properties by accepting  crypto currencies while allowing them to save in fees and receive the money faster.



What countries will be Hold - Powered by Utrust available in?

The app will be present in most countries that the Utrust Wallet was, but unfortunately due to the new features,  some of those countries won't be available at launch. We are working to make the new app available in as many countries as possible. 

You can find the list of available countries here.

Utrust Wallet is going to be merged with the Hold app, resulting in a brand new and improved product.

The new Hold app, which will be entirely powered by Utrust, will have more features including buying and selling digital currencies, making seamless payments online and offline, and it will even grant you access to a VISA debit card for shopping in-store.
It will also empower our UTK token with some new capabilities.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to know:


You don’t need to do anything. ✔


That’s pretty much it.  ✔

Don't hold off for any longer.

With HOLD you power your life with the money of tomorrow. Spend your crypto in over 50 million stores, exchange between currencies, and get UTK rewards every time you spend. All, in one app.

Already a Utrust Wallet user?

Reverse staking


With our innovative reverse staking model we will reward you for using digital currencies, not holding them.

You stake 1000 UTK and get a reward in UTK for each trade or payment you do. We will buy it ourselves in the market and add it to your staking pool (more on that below). 

This will work whether you are trading or making a purchase with our ever-growing roster of merchants. 

Instead of increasing the tokens in the circulating supply or keeping the tokens in circulation, we are decreasing them. This means deflation.

After six months, that pool will be unlocked, and you’ll be free to use those tokens.

 Just don’t do it too soon, or your rewards will go up in flames 🔥

Tier 1

  • Stake 1000 UTK
  • 1% back to the staking pot in each trade done in the app
  • Lock period: 6 months

Tier 2 - Coming in 2021

  • Bigger rewards in trading
  • 0% trading fees
  • Reward in Payments in Utrust Merchants
  • VISA metal debit card; 

30 September

29 September

29 September

What happens to my Utrust Wallet account?

Your funds are safe in your Utrust Wallet account. Since the app will be deprecated if you are in a country where Hold wallet can be the download you just need to download and sign up on the new app with the same e-mail and phone number you had at Utrust Wallet, and the balance you had on your Utrust Wallet account will be added to your Hold - Powered by Utrust account.  

What if I'm in a country where Hold - Powered by Utrust won't be available?

In that case you will have 30 days to widthrawal from the Utrust wallet to another wallet that you choose, such as Uphold or Trust Wallet. After that period your funds will be securely safeguarded in our accounts in case and you can request your withdrawal via e-mail to [email protected]

How do I stake Utrust Tokens

What happens to the HOLD tokens?

HOLD tokens will be swapped to Utrust tokens as announced by HOLD on their medium. Click here to know more

You just need to download the new Hold - powered by Utrust app, complete the sign-up process, top-up with Utrust Tokens, select the staking button, and that's it. You can now get 1% back from all your trades.

The new HOLD app is packed with features to power your life with crypto.

Get access to the VISA debit card, reverse staking, and an exchange for multiple currencies, all in one app.

Payments made easy, as it should be.

HOLD is pioneering accessibility for digital currencies by combining one of the most complete apps on the market with a VISA powered debit card. 

Hold’s app allows you to instantly buy, sell and trade digital currencies. Ease of use has been one of their priorities, and all of these activities can be performed effortlessly by directly linking the app to the user’s bank account. You can also use the app to instantly convert digital currencies to EUR, load them to your card, and use it online or in store.

If you're already a Utrust Wallet user click here or keep scrolling to know what you need to do to move from the Utrust Wallet to the new Hold wallet. Spoiler: Just download and install it. 

 One more thing. We've taken the liberty of signing you up automatically to a VIP list to win 50 000 Utrust Tokens (UTK). 

Fingers crossed!

Now, all of these features are coming to Utrust.

 The new Hold app, which will be entirely powered by Utrust, will effectively bridge the gap between our payment system and the brand new token features we are implementing now. The new app will be your one-stop shop for all our services.

Why Hold?

The new home of all things Utrust.

What happens to the Utrust Wallet?

Nothing can hold us back - download HOLD and join us in the disruption!

Download HOLD now and be part of the money revolution!