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Sending an invoice with Utrust takes about 2 minutes. Getting paid takes about 1. 

Regardless of where you are, we provide a flat 1% transaction fee. 

It’s that simple. Start sending invoices as a business or freelancer easily and safely.

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No volatility

No crypto accounting, no surprises. Get paid in fiat in your bank account, as per usual.

Utrust is the choice of global leaders, such as S.L. BenficaLotus Silverstone or Alternative Airlines.

"When I came across Utrust, I knew immediately it was the solution for us: it has all the features we need while providing an opportunity to tap into a new highly affluent market of tech-savvy and watch-loving investors! Utrust invoicing in particular has been incredible, it still surprises us just how quick and easy it is to use.

Utrust has allowed us the opportunity to grow our revenue. And, the organic referral sales we are getting from the crypto community are absolutely fantastic."
Shaun Preece
Creative Director, Watches of Wales

Go global

We are borderless, and your invoices can be too.

Foolproof security

No chargebacks. Transactions are immutable, confirmed immediately, and saved in a public ledger.

A growing market

Over 200 million people are using crypto, all over the world.

No border fees, no hidden fees

Ever. We charge a 1% flat fee, period. No exceptions.

Make life easier for everyone

Are you still not sure? Check out this short article for more information.

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Invoicing with crypto means enjoying all of its advantages:

Wallet agnostic

Your customers can pay with their preferred wallet, whatever it is.

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