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Over 100,000 merchants already accept cryptocurrencies today. As the number of buyers with these virtual currencies rises, this is a crucial time to reach more customers.

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All the benefits of crypto, better business for you

UTRUST allows your customers to pay with their favourite cryptocurrencies. For you, this means business as usual because our payment platform instantly converts these payments into fiat, providing you with (e.g.) U.S. Dollars, Euros or British Pounds.

No need to worry about market volatility — you always get what you asked for. This makes our integration risk and hassle-free for merchants and their business.

Extremely low fees

Forget the high credit/debit card fees. One of crypto's biggest selling points is its low fees. UTRUST makes it even better with only 1% payment fees for the merchant and no costs for the buyer, with access to the best exchange rates. Accepting crypto will not only get you more customers, but also save you money on payment fees.

Our fees are lower than in other payment processing systems

Build trust, sell more, settle quicker

Offering world-class Buyer Protection to your customers increases your sales conversion rate. Merchants start with a 30-Day Settlement Period which is reduced over time by building trust through successful transactions with your customers. Your success is our success!

Say goodbye to chargebacks

Chargebacks resulted in a loss of $6.7 billion in 2016. Credit card chargebacks are rising at a rate of 20% per year. By 2020 this number is said to increase to $7.2 billion. Accepting cryptocurrency payments prevent chargebacks and save your business not only time, but also money.

Transact with the whole world

Be ahead of the curve

Accepting cryptocurrencies today is more than adding a new payment method. It’s a powerful statement that your business is fighting for the best online customer experience through consumer facing technologies.

Get ready to start accepting cryptocurrencies right now!

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