The UTRUST token

Our native UTRUST token is deeply integrated into our platform. Used in several vital mechanics of the UTRUST product, it provides a valuable utility. Being a payment method for buyers to pay less, integrated in the mediation and refund processes, as well as affected by our buyback and burn model, it will leave token holders with greater purchasing power over time.

Zero fees

Using the UTRUST checkout with our native UTRUST Token (UTK) allows you to pay less with every purchase.

How can I get UTRUST tokens?

At this point we recommend Huobi Pro, KuCoin or OKEx. You can also follow price changes and market listings on Coinmarketcap.

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Token distribution

25 million dollars were distributed to marketing and bounty
50 million dollars were kept by UTRUST. 2% of that will be diluted per year during the next 5 years.
100 million dollars were sold to private investors with 1 year vesting.
50 million dollars were sold during the pre-ICO
275 million dollars were sold during the ICO


Follow the progress of UTRUST product roadmap. What we're working on and what we're about to work on. In this live product roadmap, you can have a voice. You can vote on each card, and we'll use your feedback to make decisions.