Digital currency payment tailored for your business

Start accepting cryptocurrencies and gain access to a 200+ billion dollar market opportunity.

Now live with Phone House

First in Portugal. Soon in more countries!
The consumer electronics and communications retailer is the newest merchant to accept digital currencies with UTRUST and join the payments revolution. Welcome!

Increase your revenue and be the pioneer

Start accepting digital currency payments and tap into a new revenue stream for your business. We provide you with the safest, fastest and cheapest way to get paid online, worldwide. Easy to integrate, simple to use and business as usual for you.

Traditional payments
3 - 7% fees
Chargeback fraud
No buyer protection
Digital payments
2 - 3% fees
No chargebacks
No buyer protection

Step into the digital payments revolution

Global coverage serving 184+ countries

50+ million digital currency users and growing

Major digital currencies supported

Start accepting cryptocurrencies now without any of the hassle. We deal with that, you keep it business as usual.

How does UTRUST add value to your day-to-day business?

Additional revenue stream

Increase your profitability with access to a new 200+ billion dollar market.

Easy integration

Our API integrates directly with your payment gateway and dashboard.

Low transaction fees

We offer a 1% flat transaction fee. Sell for $100, get $99 in your bank account.

Crypto-to-cash settlements

We settle directly to your bank account, always in your local currency.

Global market

Always get paid in your own currency independently of buyers location.

Power your business with UTRUST

We developed an innovative crypto payment platform so you can focus on developing your business. Ready to give your business a boost with UTRUST?

Compatible with all wallets

UTRUST enables your business to get paid from any wallet worldwide, as simple as it should be.

Utrust Wallet
UpholdTrustwalletLedgerCoinbaseMy Ether Wallet

A trusted global partner

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