xMoney: Introducing the Future of Decentralized Banking

Utrust and Twispay have united under the name xMoney, heralding the dawn of a revolutionary era in global finance

We are thrilled to unveil our highly anticipated global payments network, set to redefine the way individuals and businesses engage in transactions. Our mission is clear: to deliver the ultimate decentralized banking experience on a global scale.

At xMoney, we recognize the importance of unifying traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies under one platform. That’s why our global payment network is built on the innovative MultiversX blockchain, seamlessly integrating both worlds.

Empowering individuals, businesses, and merchants worldwide, we provide cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach that ensures fast, secure, and efficient financial transactions. As a principal member of Visa and Mastercard, and with the authorization of esteemed financial institutions such as the Bank of Portugal and the National Bank of Romania, we are proud to offer exceptional speed, performance, and user experience.

With the MultiversX blockchain at our core, we possess the tools to transform and redefine the landscape of digital finance, enabling business expansion in both the physical and metaverse realms.

“After months of exploration efforts, we have identified an untapped market opportunity and have combined resources to engineer a unique and transformative payment solution. We are now one step closer to enabling a natively digital payment network ready for mass adoption.”

Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX Founder & CEO

We go beyond finance, with a full ecosystem behind us, ready to allow a never-seen-before pack of possibilities.


Discover new possibilities

With a deep understanding of individuals and businesses’ diverse needs, we have developed proven solutions widely embraced by millions of people around the world.

Explore your unified gateway to the future of payments

xMoney Crypto Pay Accept crypto payments for your business. Seamlessly

Make or collect fast and affordable cross-border payments effortlessly, regardless of your location. Our platform empowers individuals and businesses, providing a seamless and affordable cross-border payments without relying on traditional banks

xMoney Fiat Pay Accept fiat payments at the most competitive rates

Upgrade your payment capabilities with our comprehensive gateway. Accept traditional card payments effortlessly, whether it’s in-store or on your website. Enjoy seamless compatibility with major e-commerce integrations, ensuring a smooth and convenient payment experience. 

xMoney Pay Request – Issue or collect invoices, with no limitations 

Simplify the process of accepting crypto payments with our versatile invoicing tool. Generate custom invoices that include QR codes for effortless payment processing.

xMoney Pay Links Share a payment link. Get paid in crypto or fiat

Accept both crypto and fiat payments easily by generating payment links. Share them via email, SMS, or any online app, ensuring a fast and hassle-free payment experience.


Adopt new economies of scale

We must begin with a big thank you to all members of our remarkable community who participated in the xMoneyFuture Challenge. Your insightful and creative suggestions for improving the UTK token economics model have been instrumental in shaping its next evolution. These contributions have proven once again that the Utrust community is vital to the growth trajectory of xMoney project. The invaluable input received throughout the campaign has strengthened our belief in the power of collective resourcefulness.

This led us to today’s important UTK economics improvement proposal that enhances the benefits and utility of the UTK 2.0 Economic proposal from 2022, aligning it with the new xMoney product modules and vision.

The proposal is HERE and it will be subject to a 4-week community feedback period, in which xMoney community members can share their feedback and additional improvement suggestions.


Yes, finance this progressive

Years of Utrust’s crypto payment experience combined with the professionalism and success of Twispay’s e-money experience, scaled by MultiversX, enables us to be where we are today: xMoney as leader in transforming the global financial industry. 

“We take immense pride in  introducing xMoney’s global payment network to the world. This is a game-changer that will empower businesses and individuals to streamline their financial operations, increase their credibility and accessibility, and reduce transaction costs while improving financial security. We firmly believe that this monumental development will reshape the financial landscape, unlocking a realm of endless possibilities for our valued customers.”

Martinho Aragão, CPO and xMoney Lead

Remember that we became as flexible and complete as ever before, and all thanks to the perfect combination between fiat and crypto solutions that allows now a smoother transition from the familiar and traditional, to digital and innovative financial options. Remember that we would’t be here without the continuous collaboration with the community and users.

Together, let’s embrace the future of decentralized banking with xMoney.

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