MultiversX’s Hypergrowth fueled by xMoney

Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX Founder & CEO, just unveiled a new major chapter in the MultiversX story, repositioning blockchain technology as a layer of trust in the new AI and Metaverse race. xMoney will be playing a fundamental part in this new chapter

During xDay Paris back in November 2022, the ambitious vision of MultiversX was revealed, paving the way for stabilization and expansion.

Since the reveal of MultiversX, a great number of efforts have been invested in supporting, nurturing, and expanding the MultiversX ecosystem. Additionally, high-impact business partnerships have been forged to further enhance the ecosystem’s expansion. These keep the community together, informed, and engaged in constructive activities that cultivate and contribute to the ecosystem. You can explore all activities and milestones here

From a technical perspective, the protocol, the virtual machine, the processing performance, the scalability, the negligible costs, and negative carbon footprint —  fuel the growth of the whole MultiversX ecosystem.  

Now, only seven months later, the new chapter has come into focus – 1000 days of Hypergrowth with specific protocol, products, ecosystem, business, and marketing milestones. 


More Than Currency: Blockchain as a Truth Machine 

In this article, we will explore the plan but also the specific role of xMoney within MultiversX’s hypergrowth, and how it contributes to the network’s expansion and adoption.

The Power of Blockchain and MultiversX

Blockchains are a new type of computers, introducing powerful primitives like transparency, security, and programmable contracts. However, not all blockchains are created equal, and many suffer from limitations such as slow processing speeds and poor scalability. 

MultiversX stands out as a high-performance blockchain network capable of processing over 100,000 transactions per second at a negligible cost. Its architecture design ensures scalability and a low carbon footprint, making it an ideal platform for a wide range of applications.

Facing the Reality Crisis

The advent of artificial intelligence, particularly transformers and language models, presents new opportunities and challenges. As AI tools become increasingly sophisticated, distinguishing between reality and fiction becomes more difficult. MultiversX recognizes the need for secure and unforgeable tools to address this reality crisis, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of digital content.

Foundations Before Growth

To enable hypergrowth, MultiversX focuses on building a robust technology tree with strong roots and a sturdy trunk. The core protocol and virtual machine form the foundation of the MultiversX blockchain computer. These modules provide the necessary infrastructure for builders and ecosystem growth. 

Additionally, foundational standards, open-source modules, and ecosystem products act as branches, accelerating the building process and expanding the MultiversX ecosystem.

Mass Market Products for Global Adoption

While technology is crucial, user-friendly interfaces are essential for widespread adoption. MultiversX aims to make its blockchain technology accessible to a broader audience through five product directions: xPortal, xFabric, xWorlds, xMoney, and xAI Tools. 

These products simplify the creation, sharing, exchange, and exploration of Web3, leveraging the power of token economies, NFTs, smart contracts, and more.

eGold: The Heart of MultiversX

The native eGold token lies at the core of the MultiversX network. It grants access to network services, ensures network security, and aligns stakeholders’ economic interests. The eGold token’s value and utility grow as the MultiversX ecosystem expands, making it a key component of the hypergrowth plan. Its simplicity, global adoption potential, scarcity, and deflationary model position it as a superior digital currency.

MultiversX Growth Strategy

MultiversX has a comprehensive growth strategy that involves various initiatives and partnerships. The MultiversX Foundation actively supports and nurtures the ecosystem through efforts aimed at community engagement and growth. Strategic business partnerships and integrations with exchanges, custodians, and other platforms expand the network’s reach and utility. 

To increase brand awareness and drive adoption, MultiversX focuses on marketing campaigns that position it as a leader in the crypto and blockchain industry. The global outreach tour, builder hackathons, and xDay event series further amplify MultiversX’s growth trajectory.

What’s next for xMoney?

After a full rebrand, and new products released, more are about to be launched.
Note that Twispay as we know will phase out in stages, making sure the security and stability of xMoney payment network, which is our priority.

Product/ModulePlanned Release Date
Product VisionQ2 2023 ✔
xMoney Crypto payQ2 2023 ✔
xMoney Pay RequestQ2 2023 ✔
xMoney KYCQ3 2023 (soon)
xMoney OnrampQ3 2023 (soon)
xMoney Fiat payQ3 2023 (soon)
xMoney OfframpQ4 2023 (TBC)
xMoney Fiat invoicesQ4 2023 (TBC)
xMoney IBANsQ4 2023 (TBC)

With xMoney playing a crucial role in facilitating financial transactions and fostering economic activity within the network, MultiversX is primed to achieve its vision of pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology.

The goal is to provide secure and unforgeable tools and make blockchain technology accessible to a global audience.

Mass Market Products, for every Creator, every Brand, every Business

The path to making the MultiversX blockchain accessible to anyone in the world has led to five unique product directions. These directions leverage the capabilities of the MultiversX blockchain, including token economies, NFTs, peer-to-peer value exchange, direct monetization tools, provable authentication, and smart contracts, and make them accessible through various means such as an AI prompt, a wizard, an API, a web app, a mobile app, or a metaverse experience.

Upgrades and releases planned next:

All new products (presented above) are built by MultiversX Labs with the purpose of taking the MultiversX technology, radically abstracting complexity, and expanding its usage and utility outside of crypto to specific industries and real world use cases, with the aim of bringing true global adoption to the network.

With its strong technical fundamentals, mass-market products, strategic partnerships, and a dedicated community, MultiversX, fueled by the power of xMoney, is poised to push the boundaries of blockchain technology and drive the widespread adoption of decentralized applications, ultimately shaping the future of the digital economy.

We never stop building. And we are one step closer to another great achievement every day.

Take an active role 

This new chapter requires focus like never before. It needs the energy of not just a team, but a community, a network, and ecosystem. An army of MultiversX and EGLD warriors putting all efforts in. Here’s what you can do to help!

The world is changing.