Developing a game-changing platform requires expertise from a wide spectrum of fields.

our vision

To democratize payments with every transaction - by leading the world to digital currencies adoption.

our mission

To use the power of Blockchain technology to turn payments into a source of income for businesses and a source of freedom for individuals

People first

People first

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Our Culture

Our Story

our story 

xMoney announcement

The entire Elrond family of companies will be rebranded as MultiversX, with a new name, structure, and mission. Utrust joins forces with Twispay to form xMoney and provide payments for all universes

OCTOBER — 2022

PlanB crypto zone in Lugano

Utrust provides crypto payments to all government services in an entire city, and all ecommerce businesses that desire it


15K+ merchants milestone

MAY — 2022

UTK 2.0 launch and new tokenomics

Powerful new tokenomics to benefit both buyers and merchants, fully integrated into the Elrond ecosystem and DEX

JANUARY — 2022

Elrond Network acquires Utrust

Utrust’s solution is now integrated into an ecosystem geared towards mainstream adoption


Crypto payments on messaging apps feature released

Seamless crypto payments now available over WhatsApp, Telegram, and more apps

AUGUST — 2021

Utrust Invoicing Solution officially launched

Anyone can now issue invoices from anywhere in the world to anyone else

APRIL — 2021

Reverse Staking & Compound Yield officially launched


Custom payment app for Shopify released

November — 2020

HOLD app launch

July — 2020

Support is confirmed for 35 different currencies worldwide

These include crypto and fiat

June — 2020

Wordpress + Woocommerce plugin officially launched

May — 2020

Magento Integration officially launched

April — 2020

Utrust joins the Alchemist Program

February — 2020

New CEO Sanja Kon

Former PayPal and eBay executive Sanja Kon had joined the company as VP of Global Partnerships

November — 2019

Utrust Wallet Release

October — 2019

Rebranding process finalized

New website, new logo, new identity

june — 2019

Utrust platform officially goes live

First merchant to accept crypto payments with Utrust is Portuguese footballing giants SL Benfica

May — 2019

Global Coverage

December — 2018

Utrust Wallet beta launch

September — 2018

Joined the 500 Startups accelerator in San Francisco

April — 2018

Launch of MVP

August - November — 2017


Our leadership

  • Sanja Kon


  • Nuno Correia Utrust Co-Founder and former CEO, currently Chairman of the Board

    Nuno Correia

    Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

  • Roberto Machado

    Co-Founder & Board Member

  • Filipe Castro

    Co-Founder, Board Member & CCO

  • Artur Goulão

    Co-Founder & Board Member

  • Rodrigo Russell

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Gil Monteiro

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Filipa Gonçalves

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Martinho Aragão

    Chief Product Officer

  • Jorge Rebelo

    Head of Customer Success

  • Amazing team members

    doing magic everyday