The MultiversX ecosystem

New worlds, new economies, new futures

You’ll surely have read about the exciting future that awaits our company. Utrust and Elrond have transformed into xMoney and MultiversX, and have grown in ambition, scope, and potential.

The story of that transformation can be found here, if you feel like you’re not sufficiently in the loop. We’ve also created this FAQ to answer the most prevalent questions the community shared with us in the days following the announcement.

Utrust users will be able to experience an entirely new dimension to our service. We will never rest until mainstream adoption of crypto has been achieved, and we will now ensure it not just in the universe as we know it but in the vast array of universes that Web3 will enable. The metaverse, the multiverse. This is where we are scaling to, and our users with us.

Today, as we get set for a 2023 of intense building, let’s take a look at the family of products that we will be creating to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

The work of Elrond Network, expanded

xExchange | The first to change, Maiar Exchange became xExchange, expanding the utility and bringing a strong value accrual mechanism that aligns exchange usage & growth trajectory. You can read about some of the crucial innovations here.

xSpotlight | Next came xSportlight, formerly known as Inspire Art, a powerful centre for creativity and human expression that will light every corner of every universe.

xExplorer xExplorer is next in line. Formerly known as the Elrond Explorer, this is the most valuable tool you can have to know how the network is behaving and get all the data transparently and reliably straight from the blockchain.

MultiversX Wallet | The Elrond Wallet, one of the premiere non-custodial wallets in the market will allow you to be your own bank not just here, but in all universes.

MultiversX Bridges | The Ad Astra Bridge was a magnificent achievement. It allowed direct transfer of money from one blockchain to another, seamlessly, with very low costs, and at incredible speed. Now, we will grow on that promise.

xLaunchpad | The final form of Maiar Launchpad, where all the power of Elrond’s technology was put at the service of ambitious founders and developers to get their ideas off the ground.

xMoney: Money, redefined

In the next few months, Utrust and Twispay will cease to exist as brands and our team will come out of the process with a much grander purpose: not just to promote the adoption of crypto, the Internet-native money, but to be the final destination for all our users financial needs.

Whether we are dealing with payments or transfers, remittances or savings, investments or DeFi, we will have the solution for you. Whether you seek to use crypto or fiat, a mixture of both, or whatever else suits your needs, we will have a solution.

We will be the home of finance, and we will expand its scope to this universe and whichever others humanity creates.

You can sign up for our services right now.


Endless innovation to the power of X

As powerful as these plans are, expanding what already existed to tremendous new potential, some of the creations on our roadmap are entirely new.

They are poised to be the most exciting apps in the entire space.

🔥 xPortal: The portal to the Multiverse

This is where your digital identity will live. An avatar that lives beyond any single closed environment, accessible to anyone anywhere. With an overarching social life, xPortal will include chat, friends, your NFTs, and much more.

And of course, lest we forget, this will also be the superapp from where you can run your financial affairs. It will include a crypto wallet, a debit card, and many more surprises to come.

xPortal is coming very soon, and to celebrate its arrival, we have some awesome prizes in store for the community.

You can join the launch championship now.

🔥 xFabric: The building blocks of everything

This is a sovereign blockchain module, as well as the core blockchain applications that every single user and company will be able to use to create whatever their heart desires.

It will be deployable in minutes, fully customizable, and include an ambitious set of features and use cases for any creative, brand, or company.

🔥 xWorlds: Our new universe, and yours

All versions of the metaverse so far have not corresponded to the great collective vision of mankind. xWorlds won’t just be our creation (though we will certainly try our hand), it will be ours.

It will be yours.

Not only will we develop our vision of a new universe here, we will open it to everyone else to do the same. We aren’t creating a single metaverse. We are creating a multiverse.

If you are as eager as we are to get a first look, you can enrol now!

Our roadmap is public

This is epochal change.

As such, it must be shared. You can find the roadmap for all these steps here.

Change is the only constant, and with MultiversX, we are driving that change.

If you are as excited about this journey as you are, we have a recommendation:

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