The time for xMoney: payments for all universes

Decentralized payment technology will bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds.

The setting couldn’t be more appropriate. The Palais Brongniart in Paris served as a symbol of the old world, the old order, the old way of doing things. It used to house the Paris Stock Exchange, and to this day, the square where it’s located bears its name: La place de la Bourse. Stock Exchange Square.

On these fateful November days, we would be moving in.

Elrond Network organised the event, and the roster of well-known faces was immense. Among them, some of the most significant political leaders in Europe. Among them, Jean-Noël Barrot and Sebastian Burduja, respectively the French and Romanian ministers in charge of digital innovation. The very first day would show them what payments in the future will look like.

All eyes were on Paris, all eyes were on our team, and suffice it to say: the revelations were stunning.

A new era for the Internet

As Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu took the stage, the secret was still safe. Few people in that room knew that he would climb down the CEO of MultiversX, a new name and brand for a company that is getting ready to grow and establish itself as the dominant actor in markets old and new.

The Palais Brongniart was once home to some of the greatest financial innovators in Europe and the world, and we repeated that tradition.

When Beniamin climbed down from that stage on the first day of the conference, the world knew the face of the future.

A future of evolution and expansion. A new light.

MultiversX’s role is not just to create its own metaverse, a pale and misshapen version of our own, limited in imagination and scope. Other companies are doing this, but not us. The role of MultiversX is to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital, allowing you and everyone else to create their own worlds.

The multiverse will be infinitely scalable, as limitless as your imagination, and it is our job to lay the foundation for that brand new reality.

This is MultiversX.

xMoney is how the metaverse pays

First of all, we’d like to salute our friends at Twispay, who will take the reins of xMoney’s fiat division. If you haven’t yet, give them a follow on Twitter (@twispay). Their role in building the bridge between the physical and digital worlds will be crucial, and we will work in close collaboration to make it happen. Together, we will make your money flow from the metaverse to the physical space seamlessly.

The first day of X Day saw yet another momentous speech.

Our very own Filipe Castro, Head of Special Projects, took the stage to announce Utrust’s own rebranding: xMoney.

We have been providing a seamless tool for on-chain, decentralized, fully compliant, crypto payments for years now. We have built this market and pushed for adoption like very few companies in the space. The Utrust brand has become synonymous with foolproof Web3 payments for merchants all over the world. We should mention that while X Day was happening in Paris, our CEO Sanja Kon was in Lisbon, taking the stage at Web Summit, talking about how our technology can help the unbanked and underbanked.

The mission to bring financial independence to merchants and buyers all over the world hasn’t changed and it will never change. In Filipe’s words:

“Our commitment to merchants and business remains steady. With a new name and brand. Part of a wider #Web3 ecosystem.”

Filipe Castro

This is about doing more. Growing faster. Making this promise true not just for the world we know but also for the world we are building alongside the MultiversX team.

We will make sure your money reaches your intended destination. Wherever that is, in whatever universe it lies.

There is no metaverse without the blockchain

“Without a blockchain, the Metaverse simply can not exist.

Let’s read that again. Slowly, and carefully.

“Without a blockchain, the Metaverse simply can not exist.”

Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX CEO

Why? Because a true metaverse needs to belong to you. It can’t belong to mediators, big corporations taking control over your achievements, ownership over your content, and investing themselves with bogus authority over what you do, say, share, and experience.

Ownership, persistence, open standards, value exchange, interoperability, programmable contracts are the hallmarks of blockchain technology, and they are necessary building blocks for this new endeavor.

This is a big part of why only MultiversX and Utrust can make this happen. We have been building for years, in good markets and bad markets, creating the real solutions that will enable the metaverse to flourish.

Driving change

One last word for our communities: the Utrust family that has been with us since the very beginning of our journey. We are proud to always have you by our side. We are thrilled to now have the opportunity to bring them with us in the journey of a lifetime.

To the Elrond community, the appreciation they deserve for welcoming us into the fold at the beginning of this year. xMoney is yours as well, as we build it in your company.

“We are glad to be the drivers of this change, and we are so proud to do it with the most trusted and experienced partners. We will bring one billion people to the metaverse. We will get it done. United we can do things we wouldn’t dream of alone.”

Sanja Kon, our CEO

It couldn’t be more true.

Join us and embrace the future now.