xMoneyFuture Challenge is Open

Submit your visionary ideas until May 21st and win big rewards. Powered by MultiversX

We’re in the final stage of transforming & officially joining the MultiversX ecosystem, to bring you the very best version of finance. We’re also testing debit cards and preparing a major product line update. UTK is already available on the xPortal SuperApp, and we are closer than ever to onboard the next billion people to Web3.

You’ve been with us every step of the way, but now it’s time to get even closer. Closer to everything money. To xMoney.

A journey we take together.

Introducing xMoneyFuture

Your vision, ideas, new tools, features…the ideal financial environment which will make your life easier. We want to hear from you!

Envision the role of xMoney in shaping the future of money in the Metaverse, physical world, or any other world. 

Tell us what card features and benefits you would like to have, which UTK utility will make your life easier, or what is unique about the xMoney community that drives you to be part of it.

Be bold, creative and as close as possible to the xMoney Vision we will be revealing on the 25th of May. Try to solve the puzzle of where we are going with all the latest announcements and product launches.

Don’t focus on Utrust only, broaden your horizons and get inspired by the MultiversX Ecosystem: AI, NFTs, loans, IBANs, enterprise solutions, and more!

How it works and who is eligible

To submit your entry for the xMoney contest, simply create your content and share it on Twitter using the #xMoney and #xMoneyFuture hashtags. Then, provide us with the link to your tweet by filling out the submission form.

The content you come up with can take any form you’d like — a long thread, blog article, infographic, or anything in between — as long as it’s shared on Twitter using the mentioned hashtags. And the Twitter link is the only link accepted for the submission. 

Of course, anyone can participate! Anons, companies, teams, artists, writers… we strive to have as few limitations as possible for entry, as we do with our tech.


The total prize pool for xMoney Challenge is 195,000 UTK. 

Three main rewards will be given to the most visionary submissions, based on the votes from the judges. The closer you get to what xMoney Vision actually is, the bigger the reward.

1st place: 70,000 UTK

2nd place: 50,000 UTK

3rd place: 35,000 UTK

One special reward will be given for the most creative solution, and here we hope to see artists innovating with NFTs, AI or other technologies. 

Three special rewards will be given to the most retweeted winner’s thread. If you RT the winning post, you are eligible to receive a reward and are automatically entered in a raffle with a total prize pool of 30,000 UTK.

Important dates

    • April 27th – Submissions open from 6PM, GMT.
    • May 2nd to 20th – Follow the updates to meet the xMoney Future Challenge Judges! 
    • May 21st – Closure of submissions acceptance at Midnight, GMT.
    • May 22 – 25th – Jury of key Utrust, xMoney, MultiversX visionaries will carefully review all submissions. 
    • May 25th – Winners announcement & xMoney 1st vision unveil & strategic product launch, and token update.

Useful Materials for Inspiration

    • xMoney Lead and Chief Product Officer Martinho Aragão, and Chief Marketing Officer Anita Erker officially opened the Challenge during the Kick-off LiveStream Session. You can re-watch here
    • MultiversX Ecosystem Map is available here, while here you can find the Roadmap.
    • Check out the fiat products here, which are already available and working! Don’t forget that the product merge is yet to happen, as Utrust is merging with Twispay to become xMoney.
    • xPortal Card, together with all other awesome tools & features is here.
    • Transformation roadmap is explained here.
    • The History of Money & Why We Build series are available here and here.

If you still lacking inspiration for your #xMoneyFuture contest submission, we’ve compiled a list of content ideas to help you get started – just head over to https://xmoney.com/inspiration/ . You can use them as a starting point or mix and match to create something unique! 

For any questions, please feel free to reach out on the Telegram channel. We will be organizing a FAQ session to address all the questions soon.

We wish you the best of luck!